A MAN who was caught driving around with a crossbow, knife and imitation handgun has been sentenced.

David Cook, of no fixed abode, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court on Monday afternoon via video link from HMP Berwyn.

The 36-year-old had been convicted of possessing a knife and an imitation firearm in public, as well as dangerous driving and drink-driving.

Rosemary Proctor, prosecuting, told the court that on November 8, a police officer parked outside McDonald's in Chirk spotted Cook sitting in the driver's seat of a stationary BMW.

He was shouting something out of his window, and when the officer rolled down his own window to ask if everything was ok, the defendant drove off.

The officer followed for a while but was not pursuit trained, so didn't give chase.

But a little later, Cook had been spotted outside McDonald's again.

When police approached him this time, he reversed off at speed and made for the car park exit - where he deflated two of his tyres on a police stinger.

But that didn't stop him.

Despite the state of his car - and poor road conditions with heavy rain and puddles - Cook accelerated away.

He reached speeds of up to 70mph in a 30 zone and carried on even after colliding with the pavement.

During the chase, he came around a blind bend at speed, contravened solid white lines, took the Gledrid roundabout the wrong way, and drove at up to 80mph on the A5.

When he approached another roundabout, he completely lost a wheel and ended up crashing on a central island.

Police handcuffed him and searched the vehicle.

Inside, the found a compound crossbow and arrows, a knife and what initially appeared to be a handgun - but turned out to be an air gun.

When Cook was breath-tested, he was found to be over the alcohol limit.


In interview, Cook told police he'd met a woman working at the McDonald's restaurant a few days earlier and he was in love with her.

He told officers he'd gone to see her that night and the items found in his car were to be used to "catch food for the two of them."

Gareth Bellis, defending, told the court his client had already served some five months (equivalent to a 10 month immediate sentence) on remand.

He added: "There are numerous previous convictions of note and no doubt he has had opportunities in the past.

"He has not had an immediate custodial sentence before.

"Clearly there is some medical background to these offences - some mental health issues.

The Leader:

"I ask for the court to suspend any sentence Your Honour passes."

Judge Nicola Saffman told the defendant: "When police searched your vehicle, they found a crossbow, arrows, an imitation firearm and a knife.

"You said at the time you were homeless and needed those things to hunt food."

The Judge said she was satisfied the defendant suffered with a mental disorder.

Given he had already served a substantial time behind bars on remand, the Judge handed down an overall sentence of two months custody - suspended for 12 months.

Cook must undertake 10 sessions on an accredited programme.

He received a three year driving ban.