A MIXTURE of windy and sunny spells are expected over the weekend in patches across North Wales.

The Met Office has forecast a windy but bright day as Friday kicks off the weekend (April 5) with highs of 15°C in Flintshire and 16°C in Wrexham

There will be plenty of lengthy sunny spells and a chance of scattering showers for a while.

It will feel warm in the sunshine and out of the wind with rain arriving later. 


A Met Office spokesperson has confirmed the outlook for Saturday and Sunday. They said: "A windy weekend, with gales on Saturday perhaps giving travel disruption.

"Showers, but generally drier than of late with sunny spells. More wind and rain possible later.

"Temperatures above average."

Wrexham is expected to see highs of 17°C on Saturday and 16°C in Flintshire.