THE simplest of things can often result something unexpected.

That was the case with a photo shared to the Leader's Local Bygones Facebook group.

Posting a shot into the nostalgia group from inside Deeside Ice Rink, members wer asked: From concerts to curling to clubbing, what is your best memory of the ice rink or leisure centre at Deeside?

Deeside Ice Skating Rink, home to a world of memories.

Deeside Ice Skating Rink, home to a world of memories.

A whole host of memories followed...

For music fans, there was quite an eclectic mix, but rock definitely led the way.

Karl Ap Powys Fadog: "AC/DC Back In Black tour 1980. Rush in 1981."

David Kelly: "Seen quite a few singers and groups there, Sam Fox comes to mind."

Mark Jones: "Mötorhead blowing my ears out in 1982."

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Carla Williams: "ABC 1981(?) and the Drifters 1987 (?) in concert, memory of dates is bad but memory of concerts is great!"

Andy Matthias: "Seen Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Kiss. All at Deeside Leisure Centre."

Blondie, fronted by Debbie Harry, at Deeside Leisure Centre in the 1980s.

Blondie, fronted by Debbie Harry, at Deeside Leisure Centre in the 1980s.

Rob Large: "Seeing The Clash, The Jam and loads more."

Jonathan Jones: "Blondie and Futurama 4."

Status Quo 1982 - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Status Quo 1982 - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Alan Lund: "Rush, Yes, Rainbow, Sabbath and countless others, plus still have my ice skates bought from the shop."

David Reeves: "Definitely Rainbow and AC/DC!"

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Len Sharps: "Quuuuuooooooooooo 1984. I was 13-years-old and my ears bled."

Tony Cooke: "Blondie and The Police."

Martin Love: "Saw The Who there in the 80s, disappointing."

Jackie Aitken: "Status Quo there in the 70s. I also worked in the club above as a wine waitress."

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Many others remembered the ice skating, disco or just good times with friends.

Suzette Leonie Jane Coull: "In the 90s we would get the train from Wrexham to go ice skating on a Saturday. Lots of happy memories."

Kiss 1980 - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Kiss 1980 - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Hilary Simons: "Curling early in the morning before the skaters arrived."

Jim Leighton: "Watching ice hockey there about eight years ago, Manchester Phoenix (having been evicted from their arena) playing the Telford Tigers."

Genesis - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Genesis - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Sarah Gibson: "Wizard of Oz on ice."

Leonie Griffiths: "Going skating with my best friend Anna Jolley, and staying on for as long as we could when the speed skaters came on (I'm sure we stood out like a sore thumb). Fun times."

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Keith Evans: "Went Ice skating in the 70s there every Saturday stayed all day and come home on the 10.30pm bus back to Holywell."

Shurrelle Jones: "Loved Wednesday night disco night."

James Bee: "Used to go there three times a week with groups of friends, for about three years. Fun times."

Adam and the Ants - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Adam and the Ants - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Eileen Ellis Pritchard: "Harlem Globetrotters early 80s with my grandad. Still have a flyer with all their autographs on."

Helen Lewis: "Free bus from Hope every Saturday in the 80s for skating."

Malcolm Hunt: "I lived near Altrincham so went to their ice rink three times a week but took a car load over to Deeside on Monday nights. Remember it being a good night there and think there was figure of eight speed skating but not sure about that."

ABC 1982 - Deeside Leisure Centre.

ABC 1982 - Deeside Leisure Centre.

Sharon Kelly: "Falling over more than standing upright."

Keith Roberts: "Went there the second day they both opened and the last time was dismantling the Nightingale Hospital they had there after the pandemic."

But for some, the memory wasn't quite so entertaining, with John Davies adding: "Getting my covid jab."