Fans steal the show decades on...

A large part of my weekends is spent rifling through the Leader's collection of photo negatives, and on more than one occasion it's delivered gold.

But on discovering a set captioned 'Racecourse rock concert', I wasn't really expecting too much.

I was wrong.

The main event of the July 1982 gig was Motorhead, rock band led by legend Lemmy. The band were a big deal, and in the middle of their Iron Fist Tour.

The concert was to feature several other bands - Budgie, Tank, Raven, Orion, Twisted Sister, The Moon, Rampant Antics - although I believe Budgie were a no-show, replaced by Moby Dick.

But almost 40 years on, as these photos prove, it's the fans stealing the show.

Were you there? Can you spot yourself in the sea of hair and denim?

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