CONCERNS have been raised regarding the continuing struggles faced by patients, staff and visitors at the Maelor Hospital. 

Issues have persisted over parking at the hospital in Wrexham for many years, with calls for urgent action being made in recent months. 

A lack of available car parking spaces leads to over-flowing car parks, with cars frequently parked on double yellow lines, grass verges and pavements.

Struggles with parking can lead to staff, patients, and visitors late for work or appointments within the hospital. 

The Leader: Maelor Parking.Maelor Parking. (Image: NQ)

Last year, there was talk of a multi-story car park, which was quickly shut down by Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, who now say that Plas Gororau should alleviate some pressures, with the site set to open in April.

With residents constantly facing issues while parking at the main site, Plaid Cymru's Acton and Maesydre councillor Becca Martin called on changes to be made.

Cllr Martin said: "Parking at the hospital has been a long-standing problem for staff, patients and visitors for many years.

"Six years ago my Plaid Cymru colleagues Marc Jones and Carrie Harper met with hospital bosses to discuss the problems then and were told that 'a range of options' were being explored.

"It appears that nothing has changed since then to improve the situation. I know how stressful it can be trying to get to an appointment when you can't find a parking space.

"There was talk of a multi-storey car park at the back of the hospital to meet demand as well as some kind of token system enabling only those with a genuine reason to be at the hospital to park there. 

"Anecdotally, we hear a lot about people leaving their cars at the hospital all day to travel together to other places of work.

"A solution to that abuse of the free parking at the Maelor - which is important for many who genuinely need to access the hospital regularly - is surely not beyond reach."

It's not just patients and visitors that have trouble while parking, with concerns raised over parking on match days.

A student nurse at the Maelor, who wished to remain anonymous, raised the issue of parking when Wrexham AFC played at home.

They said: "Every match day, fans coming to watch the game flood the Wrexham Maelor Hospital car park.

"This also always coincides with day/night shift changeover, meaning it causes chaos for those trying to leave the car park and for staff and visitors to park and access the hospital because fans coming to watch the game use it to park their cars and walk to the football ground. 

"Every time there’s a match on and I’m on night shift, I have to park down the back far hospital car park - that is when I’m able to get a space - which also means when my 2am lunch break comes and I want to go to my car and/or leave to get food, I have to go out unreasonably far in a dark and unsettling environment alone which I’m sure you can imagine is scary.

"I and my colleagues shouldn’t have to endure this on what is already a difficult job every day. Not to mention being late due to being unable to park. After all, why should I have to consider leaving early to arrive at work because football is on. 

"Ultimately it is a hospital car park, not one for the public to use for football matches. If I had my way the car park would be ANPR style to make sure those using it are doing so for hospital purpose."


Health chiefs confirmed that work was ongoing to improve the situation, but admitted more space was needed.

Michelle Greene, Director of East Integrated Health Community for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, said: "We fully appreciate how challenging car parking can be for patients, visitors and staff and we do not underestimate the stress and anxiety it can cause. We urge patients and visitors to travel by public transport and walk to the hospital, but we understand that this is not possible in all cases and can be challenging.

“We are working with operational estates on some options to improve the situation at Wrexham, however we do need additional space. 

"We are currently completing works to the Plas Gororau building to relocate some services that are provided at the hospital, this will open in April. The development provides additional car parking spaces which will play an important role in alleviating car parking pressures at the hospital.”