ONE OF THE candidates to be Wales' next First Minister has admitted that 'communication' from the Welsh Government over the 20mph policy was 'wrong'.

Since September of last year, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have changed from being 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government says that this is in order to 'save lives', but the move was met with unprecedented backlash as a petition opposing the change gathered over 460,000 signatures.

A review is now underway of the guidance used by councils to decide which roads should be exempted.

Mark Drakeford will no longer be Wales' First Minister from March 16 and the two contenders to replace him - Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles - have both backed a review of the 20mph policy.

In a follow-up interview with BBC One's Politics Wales programme, Economy minister Mr Gething has said that 'communications' surrounding the policy were 'wrong'.

He added: "Our challenge I think has been in the roll out of 20mph we have got some of the communication side wrong."


Mr Gething added: "And it's important to show that we've listened on that as well.

"The review of the guidance is important. I've regularly said I thought that in itself isn't going to be enough.

"The point I'm making is the principle is the right one about wanting slower speeds on lots of roads, but we have to listen and not lecture."

Meanwhile, fellow First Minister candidate Mr Miles has previously stated that there was 'no need to delay' a review of the 20mph policy.

Both Flintshire and Wrexham councils are currently in the process of reviewing some 20mph roads throughout their respective counties.