WREXHAM Council says they are continuing to review the 20mph speed limit across the city. 

Last week, Wrexham's MP Sarah Atherton called on the incoming First Minister to scrap the national speed limit, which was introduced in September. 

Earlier this month, the local authority's leader Mark Pritchard also encouraged the next government leader to get rid of the speed limit. 

The 20mph speed limit has proved extremely unpopular amongst residents across Wales with more than 450,000 signing a petition opposing the scheme. 

After the Welsh Government confirmed a review into the speed limit will take place, Ms Atherton suggested that the local authority had paused their review into the 20mph limit across Wrexham.

Sarah Atherton added: "Wrexham Council has reportedly stated that it is delaying a borough-wide review of the default speed limit, adding that it will not be applying exemptions to any 20mph roads until the new First Minister has taken office and delivered their own review.

"The local authority is also said to be advising Wrexham residents to seek independent legal advice with any compensation claims that they may wish to pursue for vehicle damages following the reduced speed limit."


A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “Since the introduction of the change in national speed limit, locally in Wrexham we have, and are undertaking, some pre and post-limit reviews and will digest the results and assess next steps before any further changes are contemplated with full consideration of the published national guidance.

"The Welsh Government has recently confirmed the intention to undertake a review of the policy change and will consider the results of the review and likely publish updated guidance for the introduction of the national speed limit and the application of exemptions to the 20mph limit.

“Full details of how to claim compensation for damage to a vehicle for any reason is available on our website.”