A DEDICATED team of litter-pickers collected over 800 bags of rubbish from the Wrexham community in January.

The Wrexham Litter Pickers group was formed in January 2021. 

It is made up of volunteer litter pickers, working hard to keep streets, green spaces and rivers in Wrexham free from pollution.

Since forming, the group has collected over 15,000 bags of rubbish.

And in the first month of the new year alone, members have collected a total of 822 bags.


The majority of those, 638, were picked up by people out on a 'solo pick' mission.

But a further 184 were collected during the Wrexham Litter Pickers group picks.

A spokesperson for the group said: "What an amazing community we have here in Wrexham."

They added: "The majority of the 638 Bags picked by Solo Pickers are individuals going out once a week to pick their street, park, green space etc.

"If you want to help your area out, grab the red/green bags from DSL Mobility on Holt Road. Or join us on our Sunday morning Group Picks."

As 2024 began, the group raised concerns over Christmas items being discarded around the Wrexham area.

Members warned that January brought with it a lot of unwanted toys and clothes being strewn about.

To find out how you can join the team and help keep Wrexham tidy, contact wrexhamlitter@gmail.com