AN OWNER and manager of a National League football club has been praised following his "incredibly generous" donation in support of a young boy from Wrexham.

Four-year-old Louis Perrin was born with a rare genetic condition called TUBA1A. 

As well as having epilepsy and cerebral palsy, the young Wrexham AFC fan suffers from painful leg spasms and limited mobility leading him to become dependent on a wheelchair.

The family now needs to adapt their home to support Louis and meet all of his medical needs, which will cost approximately £40,000.

A charity football match has been organised by North Wales Police, which will be played on March 23, with all donations going to the JustGiving page to support Louis and his family.

Ahead of the fundraiser, the Wrexham Police FC team shared a video sent in by Dorking Wanderers owner and boss Marc White, who sent a brilliant message of support to Louis. 

He also vowed to donate £1,000 to help Louis and his family, a gesture labelled "incredibly generous" by the police team.

Marc said: "I think with these charity things it's easy to think of it as white noise if it doesn't affect you, but sometimes you need to think about the impact and what you can do to help other people. 

"The Wrexham Police boys are playing football again to raise money for Louis who is just four years old and has a rare genetic condition.

"It means he's wheelchair-bound and is in an awful lot of pain for a young smiling four-year-old and it's sad, it's awfully sad. 


"I for one will be giving £1,000 towards it and I really hope all of you will make this boy have a much happier and convenient day-to-day life and make him as happy as he can be. 

"Let's make this happen, just give whatever you can to help Louis get whatever he needs, it's important where you can help to to help others."

Many Wrexham fans were full of praise for the Dorking boss following his gesture. 

One fan said: "The bloke oozes class as does the whole club. What a gesture when he really doesn’t have to. Credit where it’s due."

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Another added: "Top drawer. The world needs more people like Marc White."

Another Wrexham fan said: "Top bloke Marc White, absolute legend."

The Dorking owner was already popular with many Reds fans after he put £300 behind a bar for the supporters when Wrexham played Wanderers in the National League last season.