WREXHAM co-owner Ryan Reynolds has issued an update on the club's search for a permanent training ground. 

When the Deadpool star and his co-chairman Rob McElhenney made their pitch to take over the club in 2020, the pair issued a mission statement

That mission statement included promises such as investing in players and staff as well as exploring expansion at the Racecourse - both of which have been done. 

Also included was to "invest in a permanent training facility that is worthy of an EFL club". 

The training ground is perhaps the only part of their mission statement not ticked off yet.

Phil Parkinson and his staff make use of several facilities for training during the week, varying from Colliers Park, Carden Park, the SToK Cae Ras and the Rock. 

There has always been talk of plans to redevelop the Groves School into a training ground, with the site being unused for the past 18 years. 

However, there have been no such plans and the club remains without a permanent facility. 

But speaking to Mark Howard on his Yours, Mine, Away Podcast, Ryan said there is a lot of planning going into sorting a training ground for the club. 


He added: "We need a training ground badly.

"There’s a bunch of different options we’re looking at but yeah it is huge, not just huge for the club but huge for everybody.

"We want it to be something that is experienced by everyone who lives in Wrexham as well so there’s a lot of careful planning going into it.

"It’s the same where I grew up in Canada, there’s a lot of bureaucracy, it's not just as easy as saying let's build this thing or grow this thing you have to get 800 permits before you're allowed to."