WHEN Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds made their pitch to take over Wrexham AFC, they listed a number of goals and promises, but just how have they fared since?

Today is arguably the biggest day in the clubs recent history, a win over Boreham Wood at the Racecourse would see Wrexham make a long-awaited return to the Football League. 

There is a stark contrast in the fortunes of both the football club and city/town since the introduction of the Always Sunny creator and Deadpool star. 

The interest in the club and community is reaching new heights, as Wrexham is well and truly being put on the world stage. 

But when Rob and Ryan made their pitch to the WST one autumn night in 2020 they outlined their goal ahead of the takeover. 

Ahead of this evening's game, they are one away from achieving it in the space of two years. 

In their mission statement, the Hollywood pair outline their goal, which was:

"To grow the team, return it to the EFL in front of increased attendances at an improved stadium while making a positive difference to the wider community in Wrexham."

If Phil Parkinson's side were to win this evening then most would agree they have achieved it. 

The squad and club has grown tenfold since the pair took over.

The club would be back in the Football League after 15 years of pain.

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Work is set to commence in June on the Kop redevelopment, which would increase the Racecourse capacity to around 15,500. 

As for the wider community, all you need to do is watch the documentary - Welcome to Wrexham. 

The Leader: Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynods at the Racecourse.Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynods at the Racecourse.

As well as their goal, they also made a number of 'hard promises' and it's fair to say they're not too far off completing those either. 

The promises were:

  • Provide comprehensive financial support for the manager and his coaching team. Build a sustainable model which will attract the best players and best staff to the Racecourse Ground.
  • Always beat Chester.*
  • Explore the renovation of the Racecourse Ground and improve the venue for the club, for International matches and perhaps, the occasional Tom Jones gig.
  • Invest in a permanent training facility that is worthy of an EFL club.
  • Guarantee the club cannot be relocated, renamed or rebranded. Appropriate and respectful observance of the Gresford Colliery Disaster will remain sacrosanct. 
  • Recognising the role fans and the WST have played in stewarding the club through extremely difficult times, we will create an honorary board that includes fans, representatives of the WST and WAFC alongside our own advisors.
  • Ensure the continued presence of Dixie McNeil as the club's honorary President, subject to his desire.
  • Always beat Chester.*
  • Expand club staff to take advantage of increased interest in Wrexham, both locally and internationally.
  • Recognise and reinforce Wrexham AFC's role as a leading force for community good in the town. Work with the Club’s Disability Liaison Officer, Kerry Evans to retain and enhance Wrexham’s reputation as an inclusive and forward-thinking club, alongside other important local groups such as the Wrexham AFC Community Trust, food banks and schools.
  • Commit to a more ecologically-sustainable version of the club and stadium.
  • Commit to transparent decision making with regular and open communication.
  • Ensure that when the day comes that we leave the Club, it will be in a better position than it is today. 

The current squad is made up mainly of players capable of playing their trade in League One, if not higher.

As previously mentioned, the Racecourse Ground is under development for a new stand and there is a pretty well-known band performing there next month. 

The club hasn't been replaced, the fans remain a key part of the process, the community is benefitting and the staff numbers have increased. 

Wrexham are yet to play Chester, and after today it could be a while until the teams meet again. 

As for the last point, there can be no doubts that Rob and Ryan will fulfill that promise too, but let's hope they stick around for a bit longer yet.