VOLUNTEERS who have worked hard to make their community's roads safer are "peeved" at a lack of direction from police chiefs.

The Leader reported towards the end of 2023 on the ongoing pause in Buckley Community Speedwatch activities.

Its members had been stood down following the rollout of the new national 20mph scheme last year - after concerns that angry motorists might take out their frustrations on them.

Cllr Arnold Woolley, who leads the team, has been calling on GoSafe for guidance since the decision.

He explained he and his colleagues are ready to return to duty but face a frustrating situation as, to date, he has received "a big fat zero" from the organisation.

"We have been doing this for six years and we feel we have done a good job for the public," Cllr Woolley said.

"The team, frankly, is peeved.

"It's a very irritating situation because we are happy to go back to the roadside.

"If we're stood down, for heaven's sakes tell us. But if we're just waiting for the word, what's delaying the word?

"All we can do is wait until someone in GoSafe wakes up and makes a decision."

A GoSafe spokesman said: "In areas that changed to 20mph in September 2023, GoSafe and Welsh police forces continue to use an engagement focused approach.

"Operation Ugain is being used as an alternative to enforcement. In areas that aren’t suitable for Operation Ugain, alternative GoSafe operations will be considered, such as Community Speed Watch or referral to partner agencies such as Highways Authorities.

"GoSafe will continue to work closely with our CSW groups across Wales to ensure that they are well informed and can continue to serve their communities safely.

"We are actively engaging with Local Authorities around CSW and are hosting a national meeting in early February to inform them on the scheme."

However, as of Friday afternoon, Arnold confirmed he has not yet received any such guidance.

Throughout 2023, the speedwatch team carried out 78 Roadside Monitoring events.  

Those represented 363 volunteer hours, not counting the related administration work undertaken by Cllr Woolley.

During the 78 roadside events the team recorded 888 speeding motorists - compared to 2022 when more than 1,300 were recorded.

However 2023's figures were of course affected by the team standing down part way through the year.