COASTGUARD teams came to the rescue of a small group of fishermen who found themselves lost in darkness. 

On Tuesday evening, Flint Coastguard Rescue Team released details of the rescue - which saw them being deployed alongside their Rhyl colleagues to Talacre beach just before 10pm on Sunday.

A spokesman explained: "The three men had been fishing from the beach but with darkness upon them and very little local knowledge, they became disorientated and lost in the dunes and marshland. 

"Thankfully, the three realised the peril they were in and dialled 999, asking for the Coastguard.

"Once Coastguard teams arrived on scene, we quickly located the casualties by their torch lights and formulated a rescue plan. 

"Two rescue teams deployed - the first team was to head along the coastal path and maintain eyes on the casualties, which is a critical role as they could quickly be lost again if their lights were to fail. 


"The second team headed out to the beach to intercept them, guiding them back safely to their vehicle.

"These fishermen could have faced real danger, had they not realised the severity of their situation. 

"If you ever suspect someone’s in trouble at the coast, Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."