A WREXHAM GP has urged members of the public to work through difficulties at surgeries calmly - as opposed to resorting to abuse.

The message, from Dr Peter Saul, comes after Wrexham Magistrates Court dealt with the case of 36-year-old David Williams, of Tanat Way, on Tuesday, (January 23).

He'd been made the subject of a criminal behaviour order in December 2022 - with conditions not to be intoxicated in public or use offensive language or behaviour.

But on January 12, police were called to a doctor's surgery in St George's Crescent in Wrexham after Williams was "making threats towards staff."

When officers arrived at the surgery, Williams was "slumped against the wall, heavily intoxicated."

Dr Saul said: "Aggressive behaviour is getting more common in all walks of life - whether it's in shops, businesses or the health service.

"I think we in the health service find it particularly difficult and distressing because the aim of health workers is to help people and to do our best for them.

"If people are difficult or uncooperative, it's really quite upsetting when you're just trying to do your best for them.

"The other thing is that GP practices aren't set up like an A&E where there is, increasingly, security available.

"GP reception workers can be vulnerable to threats and don't have that backup."

Dr Saul said it is "not uncommon" for people to come into GP surgeries under the influence of one substance or another - but thankfully it is uncommon for them to display extreme or aggressive behaviour.

He said: "It is usually just verbally abusive behaviour, but yes people often do come in under the influence of drugs and, probably less commonly, alcohol."

On his message to members of the public, he added: "I'd just say to try and remember that staff are doing their best for them and to work with the staff.

"If they are encountering problems, try and deal with them in a calm manner."

For the breach of the CBO, David Williams received an eight week custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months with a six month alcohol treatment requirement.