A WREXHAM woman born in Ukraine is set to complete a charity fundraiser in honour of her 99th birthday.

Born in Ukraine on February 23, 1925, Katharina Morris moved to the UK in 1947 to escape during the Second World War and married her partner Elfyn from Cefn Mawr.

In honour of her upcoming 99th birthday, she has made the decision to complete 99 laps of the Plas Telford care housing building in Acrefair where she currently resides - all in aid of the Red Cross appeal in Ukraine.

Her grandson, Christopher Morris, says each lap takes her about seven minutes, with over 500 steps.

He said: "My grandma has always been an absolute idol to me, with her amazing energy and enthusiasm.

The Leader: Left: Katharina and her husband, Elfyn. Right: Katharina enjoying watermelon like she used to grow in Ukraine.Left: Katharina and her husband, Elfyn. Right: Katharina enjoying watermelon like she used to grow in Ukraine. (Image: Christopher Morris)

"The current crisis has brought back many memories of her childhood and she wants to do something to help."

"I'll always remember racing her and my brother up the hill in Garth up to the Panorama when she used to live up there, so it doesn't surprise me somehow that she's still so full of energy now on the verge of her 99th birthday!'

"The story of how she arrived in Wrexham from Ukraine has always been part of our family lore, and how she managed to arrange for her younger sister Frieda to move to Wrexham too.

"It really means a lot that she'd think back to the country of her birth in a time of need now even though the village and Mennonite community she was part of in South Eastern Ukraine has all but been wiped off the map."

Katharina has already raised more than £1,000 out of her £5,000 target. See her JustGiving page here.


She said: "I've never forgotten how my father was taken in the night, never to be seen again. The way things are today with Russia reminds me of them days.

"It's so horrible to see and you can't do anything. But you can try!"

Katharina will complete the laps between now and her birthday next month with the love and support of her family and friends.