IF hit TV show The Traitors has you craving intrigue in your life, an event is coming to Flintshire that may scratch that itch.

Join organisers for an evening of mystery and suspense with an original Murder at the Mansion and The Traitors-type event.

In the style of the gripping BBC One series, you will either be the Traitor or a Faithful - the ones that needs to stop the traitor. A murder has taken place and one of you is guilty.

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Waffle Box, on Earl Road in Mold, invite you to this new event that has been created and written by author, Cheryl Hart, from Northop Hall.

Adapting her novel Whitegate, she reveals the story of the murder in the scrupulous Whitegate family - you'll either need to hide in plain sight or you'll be sizing everyone up as the Traitor.

If you're the Traitor, you'll need to convince everyone it's not you by means of diversion, or you can take a swipe at those getting too close. If you're a Faithful, it's your job to find out who is, otherwise they'll not only get away with a murder, or three, they'll also steal the prize from you.

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You may be shocked at what your character gets up to, you may question your character's motives. You will definitely be in the spotlight trying to defend yourself and Cheryl will be your Claudia Winkleman, guiding you every step of the way.

The game is simple - name the Traitor. Win the prize. Or if you're the Traitor, don't let them catch you and take the prize from them.

Immerse yourself in the Waffle Box's delicious waffles, spirited drinks and unleash your investigative genius - and you might just name the killer and walk away with a token prize for your brilliant detective work.

Tickets are on sale now at Waffle Box for £25 for Friday, February 2 at 7pm - a waffle of your choice and your first drink are included. People can participate alone or in pairs.