A GREENER and cheaper way to update your wardrobe is coming to a Flintshire town.

Refurbs Repair and Reuse Centre, with Caffi Cyfle in Buckley, have announced the launch of their new Clothes Swap events.

People are invited to join them in embracing sustainable fashion and get involved in the clothes swaps, by bring pre-loved clothing items that are no longer need and exchange them for something new-to-them, at the Refurbs site on Brunswick Road.

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This event promotes a circular economy and encourages community members to reduce their environmental impact through mindful consumption.

How it works:

Clean out your wardrobe and contribute your pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories of all sizes and ages during the designated drop-off sessions, which will be exchanged for tokens which can be used to purchase items brought in by others.

Drop-off dates:

Wednesday, January 24, 12.30pm-4pm

Wednesday, February 21, 12.30pm-4pm

Wednesday, March 20, 12.30pm-4pm

Exchange your tokens for new-to-you items brought in by others during the Clothes Swap sessions.

Clothes Swap dates:

Wednesday, January 31, 12.30pm-4pm

Wednesday, February 28, 12.30pm-4pm

Wednesday, March 27, 12.30pm-4pm

Refurbs Repair & Reuse Centre with Caffi Cyfle invites everyone in the community to participate in these exciting events, that not only promote sustainable fashion but also contribute to reducing waste.

The centre is dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability by encouraging repair, reuse, and conscious consumption. The Clothes Swap Sessions are just one of their initiatives to create a positive impact on the environment and promote responsible choices.

For more details or to register your interest in attending, contact us via email at events@refurbs.org.uk or call 01978 757 524.