Praise has been heaped on those responsible for the redevelopment of a town's heritage site.

The Leader has reported numerous times over recent years on the transformation of Bailey Hill in Mold.

It has been restored to be a valuable community resource through a partnership between Flintshire Council, Mold Town Council, and the Friends of Bailey Hill.

At a meeting on Tuesday (January 16), members of Flintshire Council's cabinet received a report asking them to "note the successful completion" of the scheme.

Cllr David Healey, cabinet member for climate change and economy, told the meeting: "I've taken a keen interest in this, and I'd really like to praise this partnership.

"It's particularly forward-looking of Mold Town Council to have played such a role.

"We don't always appreciate the heritage assets on our doorstep but Mold Town Council has - and has done its best to promote this site.

"The Friends of Bailey Hill have played a significant role as well.

"If we look at the main developments, they're significant - the redevelopment of the custodian's cottage, improving the entrance to create accessible routes, improving the site of the war memorial and walking routes to the main open spaces, installing electricity for events and replacing the play area."

Cllr Healey also noted there had been evidence of archaeological finds during the project, and asked his colleagues to follow the "short and sweet" recommendation of the report.

Cllr Dave Hughes, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for streetscene and the regional transport strategy, said: "It is a credit to Mold Town Council for the work they have done.

"I remember I used to go up there when I was a child and there was a lawn tennis court and a bowling green.

"But somehow in the '80s, it went into disrepair.

"It's good to see it back again."

The cabinet members voted to note the successful completion of the Bailey Hill project.