A SPOOKY encounter with what seems to be a ghostly figure left a north Wales man 'scared for his life'.

There are many a tale of ghostly figures haunting several parts of the region down the years.

From the Tivoli in Buckley to Abergele's Grwych Castle, there are many scary stories that have sent a shiver down the spine.

Some are sceptical, but others swear blind that they have experienced something paranormal.

And, this week, one north Wales resident had a frightening moment of his own to share.

Kieran Thomas was out and about in the Corwen area when he took the rather creepy image above.


It seems to show a see-through, ghostly figure standing among the trees (circled by Kieran in the pic).

Kieran, who is from the north Wales town, posted to the Corwen Community Forum, saying: "Spotted this on Forestry Road in Corwen. I was scared for my life so I ran."

Speaking to the Leader, he added: "I took the photo as I felt on edge and was very cautious of my surroundings."

Some people commenting underneath Kieran's post on the community forum agreed that the figure looks like a 'hooded woman'.

The Leader: PIC: A closer look at what Kieran Thomas caught on camera in Corwen.

Others were puzzled as to what it could be and some even suggested that they have experienced similar sightings in the same area.

What do you think? Have you had your own similar encounters to share?

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