A NEW Pizza bar is set to open in Wrexham early next month. 

Nick Pemberton and Ryan Griffiths, owners of RN Electrical are opening Sparky's Pizza bar on Llay Industrial Estate on February 1. 

The pair, who became friends in college are moving their electrical firm to a new office at the industrial estate in Llay. There is a cafe on site, which is being transformed into a pizza bar. 

The pair have teamed up with Phillipe Kalkwarf and Helen Done, owners of Wedoughit4u, to launch the new pizza place next month. 

Wedoughit4u was launched by Phillipe and his wife Helen during the covid pandemic and has gone on to provide their services to a host of businesses in the hospitality sector.  

The group says the idea behind the pizza bar is to serve good quality pizzas to the local workforce on the industrial estate as well as service the multitude of housing developments around and about.

To start with, Sparky's, which is based at unit 32 on the industrial estate will be open from 11.30am-5.30pm from Monday to Friday, with those hours potentially changing due to demand. 

There are also hopes to employ three or four full-time staff members in the coming months, with a 'huge' response to recent job adverts. 

A lot of renovation work is taking place at the site, ahead of the opening, but the people at Sparky's can't wait to get open.

“It’s been a crazy few days” said Nick.

“It has been all systems go. Setting out the new pizza bar, registering the company and sorting out logistics like signs, phones, menus and so much more, but it is going to be worth it. 

"Since putting the first message out last week we've had a load of messages from people, so we're pretty excited with the feedback we've had so far and can't wait to get open. 

"Hopefully once we're open it will provide a place for people to come and get out of the office for an hour during their day."


Phillipe added: “We have set up a Facebook page “Sparky’s Pizza Bar” and have already got a couple of hundred followers, which is really exciting.

"It’s showing us that people are looking forward to having a new pizza bar in the area, and also very encouraging to see how many people have applied to work for us.”

Ryan said: “We are super excited about our new business venture and are now keeping an eye out for other potential sites to launch Sparky’s Pizza Bar in the near future”.