A TV pilot has been given the go-ahead to feature official Wrexham AFC merchandise.

Wrexham TV pilot 'Henry House' has received exciting news delivered by the club's executive director, Humphrey Ker.

The club has authorised permission for the home comedy drama to use and feature official Wrexham AFC merchandise, which writer and director Gareth Thomas said is a huge breakthrough. 

Produced by Rocking Horse Media, the pilot is set in a Wrexham care home and strives to show the 'real' city behind the screen, as well as celebrating the special educational needs and disability (SEND) community.

Humphrey confirmed the club is "more than content to give permission" as long as the merchandise used has been officially released by the club.

Gareth said: "We are delighted to confirm and announce that Wrexham AFC have authorised for Henry House to use the official club's shirt, logo, likeness and other merchandise in the show.

The Leader: Official poster for 'Henry House' TV pilotOfficial poster for 'Henry House' TV pilot (Image: Gareth Thomas)

"We are incredibly grateful to Humphrey Ker for making this happen in a deal that we have been dreaming of for the past two years. We'd also like to thank our friends at the Wrexham Miners' Project, where of course we're based, for the part they played in helping to make this happen.

"This official endorsement from the club goes such a long way into giving the Wrexham care home comedy drama complete legitimacy and, as a show which we pride ourselves on celebrating the true and authentic Wrexham community, being able to feature the football club was always an essential part of our plans. You cannot have Wrexham without Wrexham AFC

"This is a monumental step forward for all connected to the Henry House project and we are so grateful to the Club, to Rob and Ryan, and to Humphrey for making it all possible and for believing in what we are trying to do. "

The pilot features a football-obsessed carer who will wear a Wrexham AFC shirt throughout many of the scenes. The show will also include accessories, jackets and homeware - a range of placements for the now global brand. 

Gareth added: "The club's owners have been very public in their support for the SEND community in Wrexham, and this deal is very much consistent with that stance."


Filming for 'Henry House' has officially begun following an unexpected delay caused by staff illness. 

The show was always planned to be set in Wrexham with the recent football takeover only confirming the right choice had been made.

It will also give opportunities to undiscovered, local talents and young people with untapped potential.