A WREXHAM tattoo artist has achieved an AFC and Gresford Colliery inspired masterpiece honouring his client's family history in service.

Successful tattoo artist, Dave Griff, has found a staggering increase in requests to design Wrexham AFC-inspired pieces.

His latest design is based on a Wrexham resident's family history with the Gresford Colliery, as well as showcasing his long-lasting love for the football club.

Sean Griffiths, 38, told the Leader the design took approximately 40-hours in total to complete.

Split into three different sections, the first design honours the Gresford Colliery which features the mining wheel, his father's mining lamp and the mining train at Gresford.

The inner section is military based as Sean was proudly in the Welch Fusiliers for 13-years.

Last but not least, the back reflects the client's love for the Wrexham AFC as he has been attending home and away games since he was a child and now takes his own child to most matches.

Sean said: "I've been waiting for some time for someone who I believed could tattoo a family history piece for me. I'm from a Wrexham mining family, therefore, we started with my dad's lamp and the Gresford colliery to show my respect for those within the industry who sadly lost their lives in the disaster.

"Dave is a phenomenal local artist who runs a fantastic studio in Taylor Made. I couldn’t be happier with the end result and can’t thank him enough!

"We started with ideas in the summer of '23 and a long list of things I wanted, he nailed it and got every bit in I’d asked for."

Proud of his work, Dave said: "This family history project was so fun to work on.


"Sean sent me a picture of his father's old mining lamp which is what I used for reference for the tattoo. All Sean's family were miners right up until it closed in the early '70s.

"Sean is a lifelong Wrexham fan who hardly ever misses a game. I'm really happy with the outcome and glad I managed to include everything he wanted."

Dave's other designs, including many AFC-inspired pieces, can be found on the Taylor Made social media pages if anyone is looking for inspiration.