LLANGOLLEN Town Hall is set to host its first pantomime performance in over four years - and you won't want to miss it.

The Llangollen Pantomime Group is set to put on the production 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in the Town Hall between January 11 and 13.

It will be the first production in the town since Pinocchio back in 2020, before the COVID-19 lockdown.


The show has a new director, Louise Lyne, with husband Dave Lyne, assistant director. Dave has also written the script which has been described as outrageously funny. Tickets can be found here.

Producer Samantha Fletcher said: "While it is their debut directing and producing pantomime, they have been on stage previously performing in the Llangollen pantomime. Also, Louise was in the operatic production of The Calendar Girls.

"It has been a pleasure to have many newbies on and off the stage this year, as well as a few of the old (but not so old, cast and crew)."


The pantomime group's chairwoman Sharon Jones also discovered this is the group's 40th year - a wonderful achievement.

Coincidentally, the first production was also Jack and the Beanstalk which everyone is thrilled about, said Samantha.

The group is inviting everyone to support their 're-launch' this week as they continue to plan exciting future performances.