READERS have given us their thoughts as candidates in the running to be the next First Minister of Wales promise to carry out a review into the 20mph speed limits.

Mr Drakeford will no longer be Wales' First Minister from March 16, 2024 it has been confirmed.

There are only two contenders in the running to replace him as it stands, Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles.

Economy Minister Gething and Education Minister Miles will go head-to-head for the position of Welsh Labour Leader.

Wales' 20mph speed limit zones could well be scrapped this year after receiving a huge backlash from the public - and both candidates are backing the call for a review.

Mr Gething has said he is 'keen' for a review of the policy and feels that the public should be 'heard'.

Meanwhile, Mr Miles also pledged to get a review 'underway' if elected, adding that there was 'no need to delay' the process.

Leader readers have been contacting us this week to tell us if they think a review is likely and whether or not it should happen.

James Davies told us: "Public has spoke already! Scrap it now."

A sceptical Richard Jones said: "Really? All wannabe first ministers will all offer the earth, but never deliver the goods!"


Wayne Evans said: "And who would pay for any changes back? Local authorities. It should be solely WG (Welsh Government) and no impact whatsoever on Local Authority."

Martin Ellett said: "Why wait till March, review or scrap it NOW."

Others, like John Holiday, were against a review, adding: "The reduction in speed has clear benefits for the community at large. Don’t react to moans of a noisy and selfish group of drivers."

Michael Steffeson said: "The new 20mph limit on restricted roads has been a success, there is a reason English towns and villages have been introducing them for over 30 years, now we need to reduce the national speed limit on single-carriageway roads to 40mph."

The introduction of the new speed limits on residential roads came in September 2023 with the Welsh Government claiming that the change from 30mph to 20mph would 'help to save lives'.

But, the move was met with real anger from members of the public with over 460,000 people signing a petition calling for the change to be reversed.