A MAN who threatened to use an ice axe on anyone who entered a relationship with his ex-girlfriend has been locked up.

Alan Morris, of East Green in Sealand, appeared at Mold Crown Court on Thursday morning for sentence.

The 40-year-old had previously admitted offences of controlling and coercive behaviour, stalking and possession of a bladed or pointed article.

Nicholas Williams, prosecuting, told the court that from February 2019 up to March 2023, Morris subjected his then partner Danielle Edwards to a "catalogue of domestic abuse."

His treatment of her, which formed the controlling behaviour charge and was set out in witness statements and evidence from the victim herself, included: stamping on and kicking her, strangling her, threatening her and verbally abusing her in various ways.

In March of 2023, Ms Edwards had decided to end the relationship - which then led to the stalking offence.

Morris bombarded the victim with Snapchat messages after she blocked his phone number and turned up without warning at her home.

He threatened to attack any new partners with an ice axe - and even posted a picture of the weapon on social media.

The ice axe, which was the subject of the bladed or pointed article charge, was later found in his car.

The Leader: Alan Morris (NWP)Alan Morris (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)In her statement, Ms Williams said: "He's been carrying an ice axe in his vehicle and has made threats to me.

"I just want him to leave me alone but I don't think he will ever stop.

"His behaviour is only escalating and I am really scared about what he might do."

Mr Williams told the court the defendant had nine convictions for 13 previous offences; a number of them violence-related and two involving females in a domestic context.

The Leader:

Frank Dillon, defending, told the court that while 'on the face of it' the case appeared to portray a man "roaming around with a dangerous weapon," this was not the correct context.

"Mr Morris is a keen mountaineer," he explained.

"It's not unusual for him to have items of that sort in his car with other gear - it's not a case of him arming himself.

"The threats were made on the spur of the moment.

"He tells me his period on remand has been one of reflection and self-examination.

"He's come to the view that the relationship in which he was engaged was a deeply unhealthy and toxic one, and he's not seeking to blame the complainant for that.


"There are clearly mental health issues here and a tentative diagnosis of a personality disorder."

Judge Simon Mills told the defendant: "You should, I hope, have been ashamed to listen to the facts we have heard.

"Your conduct was intended to maximise fear and distress."

The Judge jailed Morris for 30 months.

An indefinite restraining order was made for the protection of the victim.