A FLINTSHIRE couple was amazed to have captured an apparent meteor on their CCTV camera.

The footage was captured at the home of Denise Connor and Alan Ducker who were left 'shocked' when they played it back.

The couple, who live in Alltami, say the incredible moment was recorded at around 2.07am on December 30, 2023.

It clearly shows the apparent meteor/shooting star flying down the right side of the screen before disappearing.

Denise said: "It was just a big 'wow' moment for us. We were shocked by the sheer size of it."


Denise added: "It was absolutely amazing and was so bright that it tripped the lights off in our garden and that's why I checked the CCTV.

"Alan was working at 4am (HGV driver), so I waited until then to show him, but we were both amazed!"

On the night in question, several other people across the UK, from Shrewsbury to London, also reported seeing a meteor flying through the night sky.

Others who caught a glimpse of it described it as "very bright" and a "blueish-green" colour.