A NEW Mediterranean-style restaurant has opened its doors in Wrexham city centre.

Safar Bistro Grill, on Chester Street, opened over the weekend and its menu already has people excited. 

The Leader: A look inside Safar Bistro Grill.A look inside Safar Bistro Grill. (Image: Safar Bistro Grill)

The restaurant offers an array of Turkish, Greek and Italian dishes, with a "harmony of flavours and aromas" inspired by traditional recipes from the Mediterranean region. 


Arek Chelpa, the owner of Safar Bistro Grill, said: “I am really excited to have finally opened Safar Bistro Grill. The name, meaning ‘journey’, is also an amalgamation of my two daughters' names. It’s been quite a journey and one which I hope continues successfully.

"The type of food we serve I would describe as Mediterranean fusion. We also have a lot of Turkish influence and do some lovely (and large) full English Breakfasts, coffees and cocktails."

The Leader: Arek Chelpa - the owner of Safar Bistro Grill.Arek Chelpa - the owner of Safar Bistro Grill. (Image: Safar Bistro Grill)

Arek, who is orginally from Poland but has lived in Wrexham for the last 20 years, added: "I’ve been really touched by the support we’ve had from the local community and businesses.

"I’m hoping I will contribute to Wrexham’s growth and restaurant industry as it really is a fantastic place to be."

The Leader:

After the restaurant announced its opening on social media, dozens of people commented expressing their excitement. 

One person said: "Wishing you all the best with your new venture, sure it will be a massive hit, the menu looks lovely. We will be visiting."

Another added: "Will definitely be paying a visit in the new year - menu looks amazing."

A further comment said: "I had the pleasure of tasting their sample menu - absolutely delicious."