A ROYAL Mail van was left stranded in a Wrexham field for over a week after its driver took a wrong turn. 

The van was left stuck in the field at Broughton Heights in Pentre Broughton. It left residents bemused as to what happened - with the van being there for over a week before being recovered on Sunday.

Royal Mail said an agency worker following a sat nav mistakenly took a turn down a wide footpath. When he attempted to turn around in a grass area the vehicle became stuck, due to recent heavy rain the area was very muddy.


A spokesperson said: "We tried to recover the vehicle immediately however were unsuccessful. We arranged a recovery from a breakdown company who attended the following day, however were also unable to recover the vehicle.

"We pushed multiple times to arrange another recovery attempt, it was ultimately recovered and returned back to service."

They added that all the post from the van was removed as soon as it became stuck.