A WREXHAM man has spread festive cheer at the Maelor Hospital by delivering gifts to children spending Christmas there.

Sonny McDonagh donated over £500 worth of toys to the children's ward at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

And he is no stranger to charitable acts over the festive season, giving generously to the food bank and the homeless in the last couple of years. 

He said: "There are people out there with their kids in hospital, struggling to make ends meet and hopefully I can put a smile on their children’s faces and help them.

"Spending Christmas Day in hospital is awful for anyone, but especially children. It's nice to know that every child will have a present to open on the day.

"The nurses from the children’s ward were very overwhelmed with what I have done and were very thankful. It really helps with bringing our community together."


​Sonny, a member of the Traveller community, is looking to change what many believe is a negative perception of people from his background.

"Sometimes the Traveller community gets a bit of a bad name and reputation," he said. 

"But a lot of us care deeply about the wider community and want to do what we can to make it a better place. We are family-orientated people, much like everybody else."