CONCERNS are growing that an 'unspeakable tragedy' will take place on a road in Wrexham if the speed limit isn't reduced. 

Community groups and relevant stakeholders are urging Wrexham Council to use "common sense" and reduce the speed limit on a road popular with pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Park Road, which borders Llay and Bradley runs right through Alyn Waters Country Park.

Despite it being a narrow tight country lane, and the fact it is frequently used by those on foot or riding, this stretch remains a 60mph limit.

There is great concern amongst residents that unless the speed limit reduces substantially, then there is going to be a serious accident.

Councillors Rob Walsh, Bryan Apsley and Tina Mannering have all come together to support the campaign. 

John Barnard, Chair of Friends of Alyn Waters said: "Park Road passes through the largest country park in the Wrexham area, with large sections of the Alyn Waters Country Park on either side. It is a narrow single-track road with many blind bends and no pavements or walkways at all for their entire length, with no room for pedestrians to escape to in an emergency.

"Fearing even more road accidents, and wanting all visitors and road users to enjoy the country park in safety, we have regularly made representations to the Environmental and Technical Department of WCBC to improve the safety of these roads before any more people suffer. "

Helen Lacey, Horse Watch Co-Ordinator, Rural Crime Team, Llay, North Wales Police said: “Over the past 13 years, I have assisted North Wales Police with collisions involving horses, riders and passengers on the highway. Park Road is frequently used to access Alyn Waters Country Park by vulnerable road users, a reduction in traffic speed and awareness signage would greatly reduce any risk of incidents.

"If all road users play their part, there is still a chance that fears of increased accidents involving equestrians will turn out to be misplaced, I hope that will be the case.” 

Anthea Pilkington, Access and Bridleways Officer, British Horse Society added: "The road is high risk due to the poor visibility, narrow width and current speed limit. I would like to urge Wrexham Council to consider reducing the speed limit along the road to discourage the type of driving that is wholly unsuitable yet frequently witnessed by other types of road user."

Russell Evans, Chair of the Llay Action Group said: “Given the Welsh Government`s current policy of reducing speed limits in the interests of the environment and road safety, I find it totally incongruous that Wrexham as an authority see fit to refuse to reduce the speed limit on a narrow country road which has very few passing places, slow signs or signs warning drivers of blind bends, children crossing or horses that goes through the country park.” 


Councillor Rob Walsh, WCBC Councillor for Llay said: “As someone who drives regularly down Park Road, it has always amazed me how the speed limit has remained at 60mph.

"I struggle to drive any faster than 30mph due to the narrow winding nature of the road, however, just because I struggle to drive at any faster than 30mph it doesn`t mean that others won`t try. 

"To make matters worse since the introduction of 20mph along Llay New Road, more cars are using Park Road as a rat run trying to drive as fast as they can so they can reach Llay Road in less time.

"I am very concerned there will be a serious accident along Park Road in the near future unless strict measures are introduced."

A Wrexham Council spokesperson said: “We note the many issues raised and officers will look at the area and the statistics at the site.”