GOSAFE HAS answered some of the pressing questions ahead of the 20mph speed limits being enforced this month.

As of September, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have changed from 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government claims that the change will 'help save lives' but the move has been met with unprecedented backlash from residents, with over 460,000 people signing a petition in opposition.

In October, deputy climate change minister, Lee Waters MS, said that the "grace period" for the 20mph speed limits is now coming to an end and confirmed that enforcement was set to begin on December 17.

With that in mind, GoSafe has issued some handy advice on its website, answering some of the key questions drivers will have.

Here are just five of them ...

What happens if a 30mph fixed camera site changes to 20mph

GoSafe says: "Fixed camera schemes can be adjusted if there is a change in the speed limit. We will work closely with local authorities to monitor and assess these areas across Wales and ensure that any adjustments are made where required to enforce the new speed limit. 

"Fixed cameras are installed where the collision risk is highest, and enforcement will occur where there is evidence of low compliance with the new limit."

What happens if I have a new speeding concern in a 20mph zone

GoSafe says: "Enforcement locations are established based on safety concerns and collision data.

"We will be working closely with our partners to provide roadside engagement and promote the change in driver behaviour. We will ensure that the new speed limits are respected during this time and will prosecute the most dangerous drivers.

"We will continue to consider new enforcement locations following collisions, or high-risk concerns, in a 20mph area."


Will the amount of enforcement you do change?

GoSafe says: "No. There will be no change in the amount of enforcement we provide. There will be an increase in roadside engagement, as we work closely with our partners across Wales to engage with communities following the legislative change."

What is the enforcement threshold in 20mph for GoSafe fixed and mobile speed cameras?

GoSafe says: "We apply the NPCC guidelines which outline the enforcement thresholds of not less than 10% plus 2mph.  While the public get used to the change in default limit, Chief Police Officers have allowed us to increase this to 10% plus 4mph in 20mph only, meaning we start to prosecute at 26mph in a 20mph limit."

Will you enforce in areas where the road signs are wrong?

GoSafe says: "No. GoSafe's casualty reduction officers complete multiple checks, including checking road signage, before starting enforcement. If the road signage is not appropriate, they will not enforce."

The Welsh Government has provided its annual funding contribution of £2,555,500 to GoSafe this year, plus an additional £600,000 for 20mph roadside engagement.