READERS have been getting in touch with us to give us their thoughts on Wrexham's newest venue.

Now known as 'The Midland', on High Street in Wrexham, the site was formerly the home of the North and South Wales Bank Wetherspoon pub until January this year.

On Saturday (December 2), the wait for the new-look venue to open came to an end as customers were welcomed in through the doors as of 8am.

The Midland's owners, Sam Ansloos and his dad Marcus have previously said that they have been looking for a venue to expand their brand.

The team has the Con's Club, in Ruabon which opened two years ago and a year later opened The Cefn Club, Cefn Mawr.

According to Sam, the venue will be “all purpose” with plans to open at 8am till late at night, serving food which will be locally sourced.

The venue also has a “sports bar” feel to it, with over 30 TV screens, pool tables, and dart boards dotted around the place.

The Leader paid the new venue a visit on its opening day and posted a short video to our Facebook page of how it now looks.


Readers left their comments underneath that video and told us what they think of the new venue.

Fiona Bee said: "You've done a fabulous job and I believe this will be the bar to go to from now on."

Samie Balaam wrote: "They've done a brilliant job with it. It looks amazing. Cheap drinks, and food with a great menu i can't wait to try out. Something on everyday and night. Loads of screens for sport, live music, pool and darts. It's going to be a cracking pub to be fair."

Shelly Braisdell said: "Looks great can’t wait to come!!"

Philip Jones wrote: "Looks a little different to The Midland Bank I worked at."

Melanie Johnson added: "I think it looks absolutely fabulous and just what Wrexham needs."

Others were not so impressed by the changes made.

Karen Jones said: "Barely any different apart from the purple. Still too loud!"

Sylvia Roberts added: "Doesn’t look any different."

The Leader: The Midland is Wrexham's new bar.

PIC: Inside the Midland, Wrexham.

Ray Jones said: "Last time I came there from South Africa, it was Wetherspoons and I had a Sunday breakfast there. Not much change, just the purple paint."

Sharon Ellis Martin hit back at the negative comments and said: "They have done a good job looks fab. All you people moaning just go and look its a lot better. Plus they are having live music on weekends and nightclub after 11pm so cater for all age groups. Just what the town needs."

It seems that the main issue customers had were with the infamous long climb of stairs to the toilets which remain in the same place after the transformation.

Responding to those concerns and comments made on the Leader's video, the Midland team said: "Sadly when we took this venue on we looked into moving the stairs if possible, sadly we couldn’t do anything because this is a listed building so there is only so much we were able to do.

"With people saying it hasn’t changed at all and just a lick of paint that makes me smile, however I know we can’t please everyone but I do ask those who have made those comments to please come in and give us a go.

"You will always be greeted with a warm welcome and a smile with a great pint and nice food. We are a small family business trying to create a great place for people to enjoy, so like I said please come and try us out."

It is also important to point out that there is still a disabled toilet available downstairs at The Midland.