A WREXHAM man has been jailed for 15 years for carrying out a “sadistic and depraved” revenge attack on his vulnerable victim during a 12-hour ordeal in Llanidloes this summer. 

Wayne Butler, of Plas y Wern in Ruabon, carved the name of his then-girlfriend into Matthew Williams' forehead with a Stanley knife and pulled four teeth using a metal bar during the savage attack in the building where they both lived just off Great Oak Street on July 17 this year. 

The assault was described in a court as like a something out of a horror story and "Tarantino-esque" after the famous film director Quentin Tarantino whose films are renowned for his violent movies.

His Honour Judge Rhys Rowlands told the court that the attack and false imprisonment was so extreme that Butler deserved an extended prison sentence to keep people safe. 

Butler’s co-defendant Stephen Dixon was jailed for six years for his part in the assault including spiting ammonia in the victim’s face and tying the man in bandages after stripping him of his clothes. 

Prosecuting barrister John Wyn Williams told Mold Crown Court on Thursday, November 30, that "Llanidloes is normally a peaceful place but on July 17 that peace was shattered by what followed, a Tarantino-esque horror film."

Wayne Butler, aged 37, led the "vicious and sadistic" attack which took place in Stephen Dixon's flat where the victim had been staying for a few weeks.  

Butler came into the flat at around 3.30am in a "savage mood", his mouth foaming with spit, blaming Mr Williams for causing his then-girlfriend to suffer from a drugs overdose. 

Matthew 'Jimmy' Williams, a vulnerable man addicted to drugs who had previously lived in Welshpool, was then kicked and beaten so badly that he heard a crack in his cheek. Darts were thrown at his head and arms and a plastic bag was placed over his head in an attempt to suffocate him. He said he feared that he would die after being choked with a metal bar by Butler. 

While Dixon left the flat to get nursing bandages, Butler, who had smoked crack cocaine throughout the day, etched his then-girlfriend's name into Mr Williams' forehead - which has since healed - and used a metal bar to pull out four front teeth. 

Dixon, who the court heard had been threatened by Butler saying "do you want to turn into him?” then smashed a mug over Mr Williams' head. His ears were pierced with a pin and a sock was pushed into his mouth to prevent him from screaming. Butler also threatened to "knee cap" his victim and said people were coming "to take him away". 

The Leader: Stephen Dixon (North Wales Police)Stephen Dixon (North Wales Police) (Image: NWP)

Mr Williams was stripped naked and bound with bandages on his wrists, ankles and neck after being deliberately humiliated against his will, the court heard. 

Butler then contacted Mr Williams' mother and brother demanding that they pay £400 into his bank account over a drug debt, the court heard. Gary Williams said he received photos of his brother which he described as "something out of a horror film". 

At 3.40pm police received a call from a person who could see Mr Williams being held against his will while the assault continued in the ground floor flat. During the call, Butler could be heard saying: "I'm going to f***ing kill you".


It was only when a passing police car prompted the pair to untie Mr Williams and officers found him naked and injured. 

The victim told officers who attacked him only reluctantly as he feared repercussions, saying: "If I tell you I'd end up dead in a river so I can't really talk."

Mr Williams, who has since been diagnosed with PTSD, told the court through a victim impact statement that he relives the attack every night, has nightmares about Butler and Dixon in the flat and is a prisoner in his own home fearing to go out. 

Butler’s barrister Oliver King said: "Mr Butler explained he had been going through a period of abstinence not drinking or taking drugs.  

"He found his girlfriend had overdosed in the bathroom with Mr Williams stood over her and he thought he perhaps taken advantage of her and completely overreacted in that situation.  

"Whatever the trigger it sent Mr Butler on this downward spiral. When he is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he is capable of this extreme violence. He completely understands the seriousness of his actions, of course when he’s sober." 

Mr King said Butler had struggled through life with mental health issues and PTSD which "no doubt" stemmed from his childhood.

Dixon's barrister Myles Wilson told the judge that the 51-year-old’s role in the attack was "out of character". 

The court heard that Dixon, who has issues with alcohol, had a settled life with a supportive family in the Midlands working with a utilities company before divorcing in 2021.  

The Leader:

"Through family connections he relocated to Powys and found himself in this building with Mr Butler for a neighbour and became friends," Mr Wilson said. "He tried his best in Llanidloes working in a restaurant and abattoir." 

Before sentencing the pair, Judge Rowlands said it was "quite a horrific episode and at times sadistic violence against a vulnerable victim who was humiliated and kept against his will for several hours". 

He said: "Mr Butler, you had shown unbelievable cruelty and pleasure inflicting pain upon the victim who understandably felt he was going to die. 

"I mark the cruelty involved to deter others from behaving in similar fashion." 

The judge added that there was an "extreme amount of torture”, and their behaviour was "depraved". 

Butler, who was described as a dangerous offender with a history of violent offending, had shown extreme violence which the judge said warranted an extended sentence because it was a "rare but deeply worrying case" and required "greater safeguards" before he is released from prison. 

Butler and Dixon, who only had two drink driving convictions, were given indefinite restraining orders.