THE MOST advanced speed camera technology is covering a number of roads in Flintshire.

The VECTOR-SR, the latest speed camera from German manufacturer Jenoptik Traffic Solutions can be seen on roads across the county.

Like previous cameras, they will be painted yellow and will be in operation 24/7, however they will look different to the older equipment.

They have recently been rolled out across Manchester. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said that unlike older style cameras, the new ‘ultra’ speed cameras do not require painted lines on the road. They also use infra-red low-light technology, meaning they will no longer ‘flash’ at speeding drivers.

Motorists are being urged to look out for them as, unlike traditional cameras which only capture vehicles in the left-hand lane, they capture two-way traffic.


GMP said despite common misconceptions, the cameras solely catch speeding drivers and are not processed using artificial intelligence (AI). However, if you are caught breaking the speed limit, you could also be prosecuted for other offences such as the use of mobile devices behind the wheel and not wearing a seatbelt if photograhed doing so by the camera.

And Flintshire was one of the first places to get the new cameras. GoSafe has confirmed they are in operation at the following locations in Flintshire: 

  • A5104 Pontybodkin
  • A5119 Sychdyn
  • A548 Oakenholt
  • A550 Gladstone Way, Hawarden
  • A548 Mostyn
  • A549 Mynydd Isa
  • B5129 Pentre
  • A548 Greenfield

Geoff Collins, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK’s deputy managing director, said: "This is the product our customers have been waiting for – a modern, digital and non-invasive red light enforcement system.

"We can now offer fair and accurate red light, spot speed and average speed solutions using a common core of known, reliable components, providing responsible drivers a safer journey.

"Supported by infra-red illumination, lightweight enough to mount on a passively safe pole or existing street furniture and with no need for in-road sensors or signal head connections, VECTOR-SR represents a step forward in red light enforcement technology."