READERS have been getting in touch to give us their thoughts on the second season of Welcome to Wrexham.

The hugely-popular Disney Plus series returned for a second instalment after the success of the first which shone a spotlight on the football club, the takeover by Rob McElhenny and Ryan Reynolds and the community.

In season two, firm favourites such as Turf landlord Wayne Jones and painter-turned-podcaster Shaun Winter returned.

But, there was also a focus on the Wrexham's women team, a delve into Wrexham's mining history and, of course, the epic finale of seeing Wrexham win the National League title.

It was another rollercoaster of a season, which this time, ended in success for the Reds as 15 years of hurt and waiting for a return to the English Football League came to an end.

We asked our readers this week to give us their thoughts on which bits stood out the most for them from the second season of Welcome to Wrexham.


Here are just some of the answers we received underneath our Facebook post ...

Natalie Edwards said: "Super emotional! How special for us all who have Wrexham running through our veins to have this momentous time documented for posterity."

Pamela Humphreys added: "My best bit was the guy right at the start talking with such passion and emotion. You couldn’t script that. Just beautiful."

Shauny Morris told us: "The amount of people that turned up for the victory parade just shows the potential this club has unreal to be honest."

Jill Howell said: "It was fantastic the Gresford miners episode and the last one were the best and very emotional!"

Kelly Evans agreed and added: "The miners episode as I had no knowledge prior to this."

Toni M Hanson said: "I loved the interviews with the fans and the emotion they all had just thinking of getting promoted. They are all 100% invested."

Eileen Williams simply wrote: "Loved all of it."

Others were not so overly-impressed by the second season.

Shaun Willett said: "I think 2 was less charming than season 1. I think part of the charm came from Ryan & Rob being on site whereas season 2 had them filming in LA.

"The best episodes for me: Paul Mullin trying to hold back tears discussing his autistic son, Gresford mining disaster, learning about Ollie's dad and Rob's mom, and Women's AFC.

"I thought the season finale was a bit short. I thought the build up to the win would've been "more" along with the victory parade. With it being 15 YEARS in the making, the parade part should have played a bigger part in the episode."

George Atkinson wrote: "This series has been a bit hit and miss. The episodes about the football have been the best ones by far."