A COUNCILLOR in Wrexham is calling for answers after not having a bin collection for 10 weeks. 

Cllr Jon Jolley, of the Smithfield ward, Wrexham says he has not had a bin collection since council workers went on strike in early October. 

The industrial action undertaken by council workers lasted seven weeks before an agreement finally came. 

During that time, a number of council services were severely affected, mainly bin and recycling collections across the city. 

Following the announcement of the agreement between the workers and the council, it was announced that bin collections would resume its normal schedule. 

However, last week Plaid Cymru councillors slammed the council for lack of collections, now Cllr Jolley is asking for answers from the authority, as issues over bin collections continue.

He said: "It's a nightmare really, it's just a real pain. 

"I haven't had a collection since the strikes started, which has been about 10 weeks. Whereas a number of areas in Wrexham are having regular collections. 

"Residents want actions more than anything, it just feels like there has been a breakdown in communication. You can see the council are trying but we need answers as to why some collections aren't being done. 


"You look earlier this week and there's rubbish flying about the streets due to the weather, it's not on. 

"All I want to know is what are the reasons behind it? Are the council's priorities in order?

"I'm getting messages saying why aren't I doing anything, but there's only so much I can do. I'm out litter picking and pressing the council for answers, but they're just not coming."

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “As previously advised, bin collections have now returned to their normal schedules.

"Anyone wanting to check their bin day can use the bin-checker on the council website, where they can also sign up to receive weekly bin collection reminders: https://www.wrexham.gov.uk/service/when-are-my-bins-collected “