A HISTORIC and supposedly haunted Flintshire pub has reopened its doors after undergoing a major revamp. 

The Lletty Hotel, in Mostyn, recently reopened its doors to the public after being closed for nearly a decade. 

It was bought by Nick Mann and his wife, Jennifer, who said it was their "dream" to own their own pub. 

The Leader: The Llety Hotel has undergone a major transformation.The Llety Hotel has undergone a major transformation. (Image: User generated content)

Jennifer, who moved over to the UK from the US in 2015, said: "We saw a wreck of a pub which needed saving in the absolutely beautiful area of north Wales - we knew this was the pub we wanted. 

"No other pub we looked at buying compared to this one."

The couple moved to the area from Cambridgeshire after buying the pub a year ago - in which time they have given it a complete makeover. 

The Leader: Before and after photos show the transformation.Before and after photos show the transformation. (Image: User generated content)

"The inside was completely rotten," Jennifer said. "Even the ceilings were falling down."


But a year on, and the pub has been completely tranformed and recently celebrated its reopening. 

"The reaction from the local community has been absolutely amazing," Jennifer said. 

"It's been more than we could ever have imagined. The appreciation shown by people has been incredible. 

"This is an area which has seen most of its pubs close, and people are absolutely thrilled to see The Lletty reopen. It's become a real hub for the community - that's what pubs are about. We don't have televisions with sport on, we want people to come in to socialise and chat."

The Leader: The pub's toilets before and after the pub's makeover.The pub's toilets before and after the pub's makeover. (Image: User generated content)

This Grade II listed inn dates back to the 17th Century and was previously known as Y Lletty Gonest (“The Honest Inn”).

Written above the front door is the date 1699 and the words “Honest Man”.

According to the website History Points legend has it that the hotel was built by an Englishman, who left the pub without debts.

The Leader:

One version of the story says that he suddenly had to return to England before the pub was completed, but he left bags of money on a table inside to ensure none of the tradesmen were out of pocket.

There are also tales of the pub being haunted. 

"We're yet to experience it ourselves, Jennifer said. "But the stories customers tell us are amazing. We've heard from people who used to work and drink in here that there is the ghost of a woman seen pouring pints behind the bar. A workman we had in recently said he saw it."

The Leader: The Lletty HotelThe Lletty Hotel (Image: User generated content)

She continued: "There is also the tale of a man who was born and died inside the pub - who was known for playing the piano. There are tales from people who say you can sometimes hear a piano being played there. For that reason, we have brought a piano with us to put in the pub. 

"We have fallen in love with the pub and its history. We also absolutely adore north Wales. People often ask why I came to the UK from the states - north Wales is the most beautiful place I've ever seen."

The Leader:

Jennifer said they are also using local breweries and food manufacturers. 

"We wanted to use local suppliers, that's very important to us," Jennifer said. "There is a small brewery called Bad Dragon in Greenfield. We're the only pub which uses its beer - and it's gone down a treat.

"We also want to start doing food in the new year. We're going to be a pie and mash pub."