WREXHAM AFC have one of the biggest social media followings in English football, a new study shows.

The Reds are riding high on the wave of popularity following the takeover by Hollywood celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney.

Despite currently playing in League Two, Wrexham has accumulated a bigger following on social media than some of the current Premier League clubs.

According to the numbers presented by SafeBettingSites.com, Wrexham’s 1.1m follower base on Instagram is greater than seven current Premier League clubs.

The Reds are arguably the most popular football club in the lower football leagues globally, largely thanks to the hit docu-series Welcome to Wrexham.

Wrexham’s recent rise in popularity is evident from its impressive social media following. Wrexham’s Instagram account has amassed 1.1m followers, which is greater than 35% of Premier League sides.

The Leader: Wrexham's popularityWrexham's popularity (Image: SafeBettingSites)

The Reds are currently more popular on Instagram than top-tier Premier League sides such as Fulham, Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, Burnley, Sheffield United, Brentford, and Luton Town. 

They're also not too far off established clubs such as Crystal Palace and Brighton & Hove Albion.


A comparison of Wrexham’s Instagram following with Championship clubs further confirms the club’s popularity. Only two clubs in the Championship, Leicester City and Southampton, have more followers than Wrexham on Instagram.

 Furthermore, Wrexham has also become Wales’ most popular football club on social media, surpassing other famous clubs such as Cardiff City and Swansea City.

Vyom Chaudhary, editor at SafeBettingSites.com, said: “Currently, Wrexham are placed second in the League Two table. Since the top three teams in the league earn automatic qualification to League One, the ongoing season could very well bring back-to-back promotions for the club.

"If things on and off the pitch continue to go according to the plan, Wrexham could soon become one of the most popular, if not successful clubs, in lower rungs of the English football.”