A MEMBER of the Senedd says it is "crazy" that roads in Wales are now being reverted back to 30mph weeks after the 20mph speed limit was introduced. 

Sam Rowlands, Member of the Welsh Parliament for North Wales, says it shows how "poorly managed the policy is" and fears it has been "a massive waste of money."

He has vowed to continue campaigning against the Welsh Government’s "ridiculous" introduction of 20mph speed limits across Wales.

As of September 17, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have been lowered from 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government states that the change will 'help save lives', but it has been met with great criticism with over 460,000 people signing a petition in opposition to the 20mph limit.

Last week, Flintshire County Council confirmed that 10 roads have been reverted back to 30mph following initial consultations. 

Wrexham Council is also in the process of a review into the 20mph limit across the city.

Mr Rowlands, a harsh critic of the new legislation has cautiously welcomed news that Flintshire council has announced that 10 roads have been reverted back to 30mph.

However, he said the change only highlights how "poorly-managed" the new scheme is.

He said: “We all know that the rollout of this idea has been a shambles and it seems crazy that roads which were 30mph then changed to 20mph and are now going back to 30mph, including three in Buckley where residents strongly opposed the move in the first place.

“Although it is a step in the right direction I still remain concerned and this just shows that this ill-thought-out policy should never have been introduced in the first place and roads should have remained at 30mph.


“As I have said previously, and like most people, I am not against 20mph outside schools, hospitals and other areas where evidence shows it’s a benefit, but quite clearly the backlash from the public just shows the anger and frustration these measures are causing.

“Motorists still remain extremely annoyed over the new speed limit and roads continue to be clogged up with some people driving at 15mph to make sure they do not exceed 20mph. Several people have commented that it is just like being in a funeral procession and extremely frustrating.

“Reducing these roads to 20mph only to change them back to 30mph a couple of months later shows how poorly managed the policy is and I fear it has been a massive waste of money."