THE FINANCIAL losses of Wrexham AFC's star owners have recently been revealed on the hugely-popular documentary all about the Reds.

The Welcome to Wrexham series has opened the world's eyes to all the goings on - both on and off the field - at the football club.

As well as following the club's takeover by Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, the documentary has also shone a spotlight on the community and some of the Reds' most loyal fans.

Series two has told the success story of the Wrexham's women's team, as well as the men's quest for promotion back to the English Football League.

But, one of it's most recent episodes also detailed just how much the club's journey to date has set its actor-turned-chairmen back financially.


In the episode, Rob says: ""Let's talk about how much money we're losing."

Wrexham's executive director Humphrey Ker then tells the pair they lost "loads" of money on the project.

When Ryan asked how much money they were losing, Wrexham Advisor to the Board Shaun Harvey disclosed losses of an estimated £10 million, roughly equivalent to $12 million at the time of filming.

Deadpool star Ryan then responds: "I'm going to go throw up."

But, Harvey clarified that if they were to sell Wrexham currently, they could receive a significantly higher amount than $12m.

Additionally, Wrexham's progression back to the English Football League soon after that scene was filmed later created new opportunities for the Reds to generate revenue.

Rob then asked at what point through his ownership he would 'get paid'.

Shaun Harvey added: "The value that's coming from the global appeal we've been able to create is going to offset those additional costs that we've created. 

"The biggest thing that will change on promotion is that people can see the value of Welcome to Wrexham. They can see the value of the profile that's being built. That's when the additional sponsorship revenue can be generated."

Rob and Ryan have bought about huge global recognition for all-things Wrexham since taking over the club in February 2021.

They club has earned new fans from across the globe, increasing its social media presence by hundreds-of-thousands.

Shirt sales are also at an unprecedented level, matching those of EFL Championship clubs (two leagues above where Wrexham currently are).

Humphrey Ker recently revealed that around 20,000 kits have been ordered ahead of Christmas time to meet demand.