A Wrexham primary school has celebrated the magnificent Sweet Chestnut tree in Acton Park being awarded the UK Tree of the Year award.

Children from Borras Park Primary School and the North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT) held a celebration event where nuts for the tree were collected.

They will be grown in NWWT nurseries and replanted across Wrexham and North Wales to ensure the tree and its heritage will be preserved for future generations.

Sarah Ellis, Living Landscapes Officer for the North Wales Wildlife Trust, said: “It is fantastic to engage with local councils, communities and schools who all come together to celebrate and conserve these spectacular giants of our landscape for both wildlife and future generations. This day of gathering chestnuts will allow us to grow more of these spectacular trees to plant back into our landscapes across North Wales.”


The Wrexham Sweet Chestnut tree was the only nomination from Wales for the award and has an impressive circumference of 6.1m and a height of 24m, indicating that it has been standing for around 490 years.

It has withstood many challenges during its half-millennium, from post-war plundering of the park for firewood in the forties to dozens of deadly storms, including that of 2021 when many neighbouring trees lost limbs or were toppled completely.

Now a feature of community events like this year’s tree party celebrations, the stately tree is well loved by locals for its history, value and beauty.

Trees are well-known and celebrated in Wrexham; Wrexham Council has made its own public ‘Woodland Pledge’ to help protect trees and woodlands across the county borough – and encourage anyone to join, including those who are part of a local business, community group or organisation.