Over £2,000,000 is available to improve adult numeracy skills through the Multiply Key Fund in Wrexham.

The scheme, which groups and organisations can apply for, aims to improve numeracy skills for adults aged 19+ who have not previously attained a Level 2/ SCQF Level 5 or higher maths qualification (equivalent of GCSE Grade C/4).

People who improve their numeracy skills are more likely to be in employment, have higher wages, and better wellbeing, and will be more able to progress to higher levels of free training to secure a skilled job in our economy.

The scheme offers funding from £10,000 to £200,000 to support projects that will see:

  • More adults achieving maths qualifications / participating in numeracy courses (up to, and including Level 2/ SCQF Level 5).
  • Improved labour market outcomes e.g. fewer numeracy skills gaps reported by employers, and an increase in the proportion of adults that progress into sustained employment and / or education.
  • Increased adult numeracy across the population – this overall impact, which goes beyond achieving certificates or qualifications, will track both the perceived and actual difference taking part in the programme makes in supporting learners to improve their understanding and use of maths in their daily lives, at home and at work – and to feel more confident when doing so.

Wrexham Council be holding a webinar on November 6 at 12pm for 30 minutes with further details about the fund and how to apply, so to find out more email spfkeyfundgrants@wrexham.gov.uk

Who can apply for Multiply Key Funding

  • Local authorities
  • Public sector organisations
  • Higher and further education institutions
  • Private sector companies
  • Constituted voluntary / not-for-profit / community organisations / social enterprises
  • Constituted community groups / clubs
  • Registered charities

All projects will need to be completed and final claims submitted by December 31, 2024


Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said: “The Multiply Key Funding initiative is a fantastic opportunity to improve the prospects of those living in Wrexham by boosting their numeracy skills.

"Such skills can help with finding higher paid employment, confidence building and even to encourage people to start their own business.

“I’d encourage all eligible organisations to attend the webinar to find out how they can help and I’d like to thank those involved in putting together the event and for their continued support of improving the well-being of people living in Wrexham.”