AN award-winning chef at an iconic hotel, has lent his culinary knowledge to a Flintshire primary school.

Elliot Hill, executive chef at the Chester Grosvenor, has partnered with Ysgol Owen Jones in Northop, to provide educational videos for the children, who are currently learning about healthy balanced diets as part of the school's ongoing Mantle of the Expert (MoE) approach.

This educational approach sees children engage in fictional scenarios where they assume the roles of experts in a designated field. With their chef hats on, Year 5 and 6 students are designing a healthy menu that pulls together flavoursome ingredients from across the globe.

Elliot Hill, Executive Chef at The Chester Grosvenor.

Elliot Hill, Executive Chef at The Chester Grosvenor.

With a passion for inspiring the next culinary generation, Elliot looked to ignite the children's learning about healthy diets and nutrition with an educational video that calls upon his deep understanding of all things cooking, whilst also introducing them to the prospect of a culinary career.

Elliot said: "When I first spoke to the school about their students' latest project, I thought what an incredible opportunity to help educate and nurture young minds on not just the flavour of food, but further help promote a healthy lifestyle.

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"It's so important to introduce nutrition at a young age, with processed foods so readily available as well as fast food and takeaways it's imperative we inform not only about health and nutrition, but food traceability too.

"It's been an absolute pleasure to lend a helping hand to the school, I can't wait to see their expertly crafted menus. Who knows, we might even be looking at the next batch of chefs here at the Chester Grosvenor!"

Having set the children targets, Elliot will continue to work alongside the school - checking in on their latest project with plans for further collaboration in the future.

Laura Howarth, a teacher at Ysgol Owen Jones, added: "I am so delighted Elliot is involved in our latest topic all about healthy eating. The children in my class have been so engaged and excited they are helping a real chef to design a menu.

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"Elliot is helping the children to learn about living a healthy lifestyle through eating a balanced diet, which is so important. Before we design our menu, the children are currently recording a podcast which aims to educate others about healthy eating, and they can't wait to share this with Elliot when it is finished.

"I'd like to thank Elliot and also the team at the Chester Grosvenor for all of their help to inspire children's learning."

Elliot has become an industry advocate for the apprenticeship process, with a number of budding young chefs having already passed through the Chester Grosvenor's reputable eateries under his guidance. He is always looking to inspire the next generations and partnerships like this allow him to do so - whilst also contributing to the hotel's wider community efforts.