THE SECOND series of the Welcome to Wrexham documentary has been another incredible eye-opener so far.

From more insight into the lives of players like Anthony Forde and goalkeeper Mark Howard to a focus on the STok Cae Ras' quiet zone, it's been a gripping series to date.

And the latest episodes - 10 and 11 - have continued that hot streak of keeping viewers hooked.

The focus of 10 was on the Gresford mining disaster, while episode 11 once again shone a spotlight on the women's team.

Episode 10: 'Gresford' is summarised as: "The darkest day in Wrexham's history looms as they try to shift to a winning mentality."

Episode 11: 'Yn Codi' is summarised as: "The Women's Team battle for promotion, trying to set a Welsh attendance record at the Racecourse."

Both episodes certainly provided something of an emotional rollercoaster for viewers.


Here are five things we learnt from watching the latest editions of the hugely-popular Disney Plus series ...

1 The saddest day in Wrexham's history

While much of the documentary has focused on the good stuff, episode 10 was a reminder of the sacrifices of some of the people of the town through the years.

It talks about the Gresford Colliery Disaster of 1934, which saw 266 men die.

Many of them had swapped shifts that day so that their colleagues could go and watch Wrexham play.

Rob McElhenney meets Alan and Margaret Jones, of the Friends of Gresford Disaster Memorial group, who take him through the history of the disaster and its effect on the town.

2 The football club has played its part in remembering those lost too

Aside from the minute's silence that is held annually on the anniversary of the disaster, it's fair to say that Wrexham AFC has also done its bit to ensure that those lost are never forgotten elsewhere too.

From wheels pictured on shirts to work in the community, it's clear to see that the club and the mining industry have remained intertwined for over 100 years now.

3 Another memorial planned by Rob

Rob states that he and Ryan have been looking to 'honour the coal mining industry in any way that they could'.

Those plans include placing a wheel outside of the new Kop stand when it is built to remember those 266 men killed in the disaster.

4 Wrexham is a real family club

Episode 11 takes us back to the women's team which was also showcased earlier in the series.

A family connection to the Reds is everything in this episode, with former Wrexham star Neil Roberts' daughter Mia being one of the stars.

Meanwhile, the likes of Lili Jones and Rosie Hughes talk about their late fathers' love for the club and how it has inspired them to play for Wrexham.

The Reds flow through the veins of so many in the town and that's clear to see in this episode.

5 A record-breaking occasion and season

The women take to the Racecourse pitch for the first time ever and smash the previous attendance record held for a women's match in Wales.

In front of a crowd of 9,511 people, Rosie Hughes scores the winner to secure a 100% win (12 out of 12) record for the Genero Adran North League champions.

You can watch the latest episodes of Welcome to Wrexham every Wednesday via Disney Plus.