Many of our readers had an early connection with the Leader, as newspaper delivery boys and girls.

And we looked back on those heavy bag-hauling days on our Local Bygones Facebook group.

Here are what some have been saying about their stints stuffing letter boxes...

Stephen Barrett: "I was a paper boy in 1963/65 for Pugh's Newsagents in Prince Charles Road.

"Seven mornings a week and collect the money on a Sunday after making deliveries, and had to be back at the shop for 1pm when they shut!

"16 shillings a week but with tips could make it up to £1."

Tracy Evans: "It was a heavy bag too, all weathers every night, collecting on a Friday! Was hard slog!"

Tony Critchlow: "Biggest round ever in Ruabon. Main road, New Hall Road, High Street, Pont Adam and Vicarage Fields. Knackered by the end of the week."

Donna Clifton: "Three years at least! Hard work, approximately 60 houses a day I did, after school but lovely memories especially on a Friday chatting to regulars, so much has changed."

The Leader: Leader newspaper boys and girls, 1973.Leader newspaper boys and girls, 1973.

David Reeves: "I did it for six years, late 70s and early 80s. Even helped out occasionally when I came home from uni.

"Paid really well when tips were added. I remember one Christmas having nearly £100 in tips, a lot in those days."

Sue Ellis Williams: "I delivered the evening leader from 1977 to 1980 in Penycae, I was the only girl.

"At the time you would get a bonus for collecting all the money each week, so I'd finish my round and then go back to the customers that had been out, had a bonus every week."

Ellie Burns: "In the 80s I did all around Hampden Road, Victoria Road, Ruabon Road, Bellevue Park area. Also offered babysitting jobs for my customers. Money was good and tips at Christmas were amazing."

Rhys Hopwood: "I used to deliver the paper in the Garden Village area. Got paid £2.20 per week and an extra 20p if I collected all the money in by Friday! Tips were decent at Christmas though."

Stuart Derwent used to delivered the 'Big Leader' on a Friday, along with peoples daily in the early 60s.

Tracy N Gwil Jones: "My mum used to distribute them to the paper boys and girls in Llay."

Sue Laurie: "I delivered the Evening Leader, would have been about '76 or '77 for Pugh's Newsagents in Bryn Hafod.

"Used to love all the tips I'd get at Christmas because I could buy my parents and brothers nice presents."


Alison Alberghini: "I used to get a £1 a week. Lost the £1 one time walking home, was devastated."

Roy McMahon: "I had a round for Crad in Bank Street. Started at Hillcrest, went all around Spring Lodge, Deva Way, Tanydre and finished at the top of Fenwick Drive near the Greyhound. Fridays and Sundays were a nightmare!"

Carl Evans: "Mid 80s, I could barely walk with my bag on a Friday and the bag straps used to proper dig in. Remember £50 Christmas tips, well chuffed."

Lorraine Penk had a paper round in Gwenfro, and Ian Evans used to deliver for Mr Capper in Crispin Lane.

Martin Cartwright delivered in the mid 80s, from Dave's shop on Rhosddu Road, and Neil Hughes had a round in Flint in the mid to late 70s.

The Leader: A cheerful Andrew Pugh, from Penyffordd, delivers the Evening Leader, February 1977.A cheerful Andrew Pugh, from Penyffordd, delivers the Evening Leader, February 1977.

Jill Howell's husband delivered the Leader when he was 13/14-years-old around Pentre Maelor, where he lived at the time.

John Duz: "I had the morning paper round in Acton before school in the 80s then the Evening Leader round there straight after school.

"Roughly £10 a week for both rounds, plus tips at Christmas."

Simon Roberts: "I got a massive 3.5p for every paper delivered."

Pembo Andrews: "I got 1p per paper, did three years every evening."

Paula Barnes Williams: "I loved it after school and on Fridays collecting. The good old days."