A FLINTSHIRE family is spreading joy this spooky season with their spectacular outdoor decorations.

Laura Taylor, 44, lives in Oakenholt just outside of Flint, and frequently receives visitors to admire her spooky front garden display.

Her two young boys thoroughly love Halloween and think the decorations are amazing which inspires Laura to make it bigger and better every year. 

She said: "We do put it on social media and get a lot of locals coming to visit. The kids think it's amazing and we have a party for them and their friends to enjoy it.

"Halloween is the one holiday where we go all out decorating and the kids talk about the run up to doing it all year."

The Leader: Neighbours LOVE Laura's design - and we do too!Neighbours LOVE Laura's design - and we do too! (Image: Laura Conway)

Laura lives with her husband, Rob, and two boys in their home on Leadbrook Drive.

They moved in 2020 during the COVID pandemic so have been decorating for the past three-years.


She continues: "The garden space is just perfect to turn into a graveyard!"

Laura's sister, Kate Thomas, was in awe by the creativity when she visited the house last week. 

She said: "Everyone from the surrounding area has been amazed by it and have been taking the children to visit it over the last week."