A FLINTSHIRE councillor has raised concerns over a stretch of road where 'people's lives' are currently being 'put at risk on a daily basis'.

Cllr Dale Selvester, who represents the Queensferry and Sealand ward, says he has been contacted by a 'majority' of residents who are worried about driving on Chester Road in Sandycroft.

Cllr Selvester has received reports of overtaking and the 'speed limit being ignored' - just weeks after the road was changed from 30mph to 20mph.

He told the Leader he has now contacted Flintshire Council to see if speed data monitoring equipment can be installed there again to help 'capture information'.

He added that he has 'witnessed first hand' some of the incidents that have occurred on the road.

He said: "When I was first elected as County Councillor, I worked closely with Flintshire County Council to monitor the traffic flow.

"We worked together in installing data monitoring equipment which recorded vehicles speed. This proved that vehicles were exceeding the speed limit and resulted in speed camera vans being on site."


Cllr Selvester added: "The majority of residents are now concerned about the speed limit being ignored there. Cars are being overtaken to the point where accidents have nearly been caused.

"I have personally witnessed overtaking and tailgating. The stretch of road that leads up to the national speed limit is the most concerning and some residents are finding it difficult to exit their driveways.

"My concerns are for residents and other motorists safety. By disregarding the speed limit these motorists are putting other people's lives at risk on a daily basis.

"I'm hopeful Flintshire County Council will continue to provide data monitoring equipment. In an ideal world, another speed camera would make this area safer however, there is a cost implication for this. Speed camera vans need to be more present to deter motorists from speeding."

In response to Cllr Selvester's concerns, Katie Wilby chief officer of Flintshire County Council's streetscene and transportation team, said: "Following the change of Welsh Government legislation in September of this year, the council will be monitoring vehicle speeds in response to the recently implemented 20mph speed limits across the county and data will be passed to the Police, Go-Safe and Welsh Government.

"If it is determined that an issue of speeding exists on Chester Road in Sandycroft, enforcement will be a matter for the Police and Go-Safe to consider and any requests for fixed speed cameras will need to adhere to specified Go-Safe criteria as well as being supported by the police."