TWO chatty receptionists from Wrexham have returned to our screens for the latest series of S4C's Gogglebox.

Natalie May Edwards and Elen Humphreys are among the cast who’ve returned for the second series of the popular S4C show, Gogglebocs Cymru.

The two chatty receptionists working in Coleg Cambria, Wrexham, are back on our screens after being a big hit with viewers on the Welsh version of Gogglebox.

Both women have been taken aback by the recognition they've received since, especially among the Welsh-speaking students.

Natalie, 26, who grew up in Llanelidan, Ruthin, said: “To be honest we’ve been recognised quite a bit around Wrexham and a few of the students watch it.

“We had a visitor in the college the other day and she said: ‘I have to stop you there – are you on Gogglebocs Cymru?’

“But my mum is our number one fan! She hasn’t stopped ‘tweeting’ about us, she’s so proud.

“My boyfriend doesn’t speak Welsh but he’s started taking lessons so he can watch it without the subtitles!”

The pair met at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd in Wrexham and react very differently to what they see on TV.

Mum-of-one Elen, 26, said: “I’ll cry at absolutely anything to do with reunions or proud parents – that’s my trigger. Elen cries maybe once a year if that.

“The first week was the scariest. It was all a bit new to us. You’d think sitting down to watch TV can’t be difficult but when it’s being filmed it’s a bit weird at first.

"Growing up, my mum talked to me in Welsh and so Welsh is my first language. It’s nice to be able to speak it on the show, I never want to lose the ability to speak Welsh and talk to my own daughter in Welsh.”


Sioned Wyn, Director of Chwarel, the television production company which airs the show, admitted that the popularity of the contestants is encouraging a brand new audience to get involved.

She said: “It’s groundbreaking. Not only are people discovering S4C content that perhaps they wouldn’t have watched before, for the GoggleBocs’ contributors themselves it has been pretty life changing."

The popular show, which was nominated for a BAFTA Cymru award, has been extended from 11 episodes to 15 and will be split into two for the second series which air on Wednesday nights at 9pm throughout October and November.

The show will then take a break for the airing of the celebrity Christmas special on December 27 before further episodes continue from February 14, 2024.