A BLETCHLEY Park veteran celebrated her 100th birthday last month and was surprised by students from Elfed High School.

Dorcas Jones residing at Marleyfield Care Home in Buckley, celebrated an incredible milestone turning 100 on September 27, and is one of few remaining veterans alive who worked at Bletchley Park during the war.

She was joined by students from Elfed High who have frequently visited the home and have made special friendships with the residents.

The Leader: Dorcas celebrating with local former veterans.Dorcas celebrating with local former veterans. (Image: Brenda Jones)

Three Elfed High students have made numerous visits to Marleyfield, showcasing the school's dedication to building meaningful relationships and helping the community.

As a result, students Atalia Molica-Franco, Chloe Gardner and Alicia Parry were invited to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dorcas, which included a special letter from the King, a visit from local veterans and a card from Bletchley Park.

Marleyfield manager Lyn Hulme said: "When Elfed High School asked if pupils could join us at Marleyfield to do their work experience, I jumped at the chance to have them doing residents’ activities with me.

The Leader: Marleyfield residents celebrating with Dorcas.Marleyfield residents celebrating with Dorcas. (Image: Becca Inkin) "I knew it would be a lot of fun as the residents' love spending time with youngsters. The girls had a wonderful week and were kind, sensitive and really lifted residents’ spirits.

"When arranging Dorcas's 100th birthday celebrations, I thought it would be a lovely idea to invite the girls to join us again. The residents could enjoy their company again and continue to build on the relationships that had formed.

"Dorcas was thrilled to see them and said it was such a lovely surprise that the girls were there to share her celebrations. She loved being able to introduce the girls to her family and friends.


"By celebrating this remarkable life event, Elfed High reinforces the importance of intergenerational relationships and the positive influence they have on the community."

During her time in Bletchley Park, Dorcas was told not to tell anyone about her work and stayed with a family, originally from Johnstown, Wrexham, who treated her as one of their own during her time there. 

She married Ivor Jones in 1948 and had three wonderful sons together, Alun, Hugh and Wyn.