WREXHAM UNIVERSITY has confirmed that it 'no longer has a relationship' with a professor who made controversial remarks about the Welsh language.

The university said it was 'investigating matters internally' after Professor Nigel Hunt came under fire for remarks he made about bilingual road signs.

He labelled them 'unintelligible' and 'irrelevant' in a post made on Facebook group 'Department of Petty Rage'.

Professor Hunt, who is a visiting professor at Wrexham University, posted a picture of a bilingual road sign and wrote: “Signs like this. They are confusing as they contain irrelevant and – to most people – unintelligible information. Road signs in two languages are potentially dangerous as it takes longer to determine the message.

"As most people even in Wales do not understand these signs (the Welsh language is declining despite the attempts to popularise it) then please just use English.”


The post was met by anger and disappointment on social media by many who urged Wrexham University to take action.

Wrexham University initially responded by apologising and insisting that Professor Hunt's views 'do not' reflect the views or values of the university.

Now, the university has released a short statement confirming that Dr Hunt no longer works with them.

A spokesperson said: “We have ended our visiting arrangements with Professor Hunt, and he no longer has a relationship with the university.”

Professor Hunt has been approached for comment.